The fall is coming..

08 okt 2019 @ 02:11 | Jenny

I made a neckwarmer for my husband’s birthday. Sometimes a neckwarmer is more convenient than a long scarf when it’s not too cold outside. And it’s also very easy and quick to make 🙂

I crocheted back and forth using the hdc rib stitch until I had the circumference that wanted.

Scroll down for pattern


Yarn: Cotton/merino wool 100g
Hook: 4 mm

Row 1: Ch 60 (or as many to achive the height you want)
Row 2: HDC in second chain from hook and then in each stitch across, ch 2
Row 3: HDC in each stitch, ch 2
Row 4-?: Repeat row 3 until you have the lenght you want (at the last row, don’t ch 2)

Fasten off and leave a long tail. Use this tail to stitch the neckwarmer together.
Then weave in ends.

That’s how I did it 🙂 Hopefully you can use this pattern and customize it to your liking!

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